Tuesday, November 18, 2008

stuck between the 2 options

my laptop was severy damaged when i took it home last few months. the problem was predictable - viruses, of which i picked up from some games my friend downloaded for me. The downloading is not directly from my laptop but from the cc. So after repairing it, my oyaji told me something like this, "Bo lah download". And about the repairing bil, it was all on him. A short but strict and a-must-obey order. A couple of days ago i saw my friend played a game, of which is the sequel of the previous game i played-to tell the truth, i started playing it since the first one, and keep playing everytime there is new release. it was one also one of the many games i had before the the laptop is repaired -it is addictive, and i can't really get it out of my head..it is like not being able to finish an online chess match, the last round-only between you and the other nerd to get the world champion title because your sister calls you to pick her up from the school. You can resume the match but when you come home you find that the computer is mysteriously turned off. The point is, should i just download it into my laptop? (totally disbeying the order) or should i ask my friend to download it for me and then i take and play it in my laptop? (not really bad, but the laptop might crash) or should i just forget about it? (safe escape, but i won't be able to sleep well)

xbesnxbes iii
18 nov


rodent said...

Oh what a dilemma...hahah

The second option would be the best among three. You reduce the risk of getting viruses, obeying your oyaji at the same time.

Xpon main je dlm lptp kwn2 mg, senang cite.

Anyways, you said you can quit (or quit) being an internet addict. So why dont you try quitting games?

ps: forgive my english. i'd lost the joy of writing.

ihsan hamdan said...

malu gok aku nk main dlm laptop
kawan aku..

tapi gane2 pn aku akan cube..

rodent said...

ceit. aku rohok tulih bi. mg reply mlayu je..

ihsan hamdan said...

u said that u'd lost the joy of writing- so i reply in the most joyable language so far; bm


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