Wednesday, November 5, 2008

enduring anatomy

it is the most important subject that a medical student must master, yet personally for me it is one of the most boring subject that i had ever learn in my entire life, so far. It is not something that i can escape from-it's not spm, where you can drop EST or other subjects which gives you headache and intra abdominal pain- but something that i must face and learn it by heart and head, no matter how hard it is. It is so boring that I can hardly remember which lecture that i attended, passed without me sleeping during the learning process. So here's some tips from me to me myself and other guys who are in the same situation as mine, and hopefully the next time you're revising anatomy, it won't be as bad as it used to be:

1) You must have some passion towards it. And that is easier to type than actually doing it. But it is the first step, so once you did it, InsyaAllah the next one will not be very hard to do.

2) Make sure there's anatomy every time you revise your study. Don't have to be long, but enough for +10 minutes. And that is for starters. Add more time if 10 is not enough. My teacher told me to do the same for add math, and it's enough for me to get an a in it.

3) If you have free time, make notes for the previous chapters you learned in the class. Draw the figures-nerve, vessels, bone and etc to make it easier for you to understand.

4) Always remember the reason why you study anatomy in the first place-tajdid niat everytime before the revising starts. Works like magic.

5) To make anatomy more interesting, make sure you have something that can be used to assist your study other than the 2 coloured text books-bones, cavader, etc. Of course that is if you are brave enough to keep a body under the bed.

vampire king's skull

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