Tuesday, October 28, 2008

overcoming internet addiction

it is not a laughable matter-for me myself am having it...so i surf the net and found something that might be useful for..here's the steps:

1) Recognize the problem: do you check email instantly when it is not entirely necessary? do you go back to the same websites over and over again? how many hours do you spend a day surfing the internet?

2) Recognize the reason: The Internet is always available, and legal unlike drug addiction. And it offers escape just like drugs and smoking. Once you realize these reasons, you can pinpoint Internet addiction as a real problem and not something to be scoffed at as not being a “real” addiction.

3) Cut down on Internet use. This is, of course, easier said than done. You can’t stop checking email any more than you can stop checking the mail box. You can, however, stop checking it with the same frequency. Set the maximum amount you use the computer a day. This applies to chat rooms, games, social networking sites (Friendster), and other sites that take up your time.

4) Take walks, go out to eat, leave your office or home—i.e. get away from the computer. Breaking away for a few hours can help clear the head. If you have wifi, don’t take the computer with you

5) Start a new hobby, read a book, play games with a friend, play sports—try to find offline activities that fill up your time..

tips taken from ehow.com


rodent said...

tell me when you overcame the addiction. only then i'll start my own efforts.

ps: i didnt laugh.

ihsan hamdan said...

my laptop needs repairing..so i'm in the process of clearing my head from the drug..so u can say i'm already clean.


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