Wednesday, December 3, 2008

7th post

Yesterday's biochemis3 test taught me many things, and one of them is learning medic is a continuous process that needs determination and hard works. Although i had already read all the required 41 pages, yet it seemed so hard to revive all the answers back into paper sheet. Maybe because i took it lightly -- a ridiculous 2.5 marks -- but that is not an excuse for me to ignore its importance. A loss is still a loss. Anyone who read this, please, don't be like me. Have passion in everything you do. Hopefully this ultra short post can be a good lecture to anyone who, especially me, read it.


rodent said...

It's not a total loss. It's somehow a victory, at least you learnt something.

All the best in whatever you do.

ihsan hamdan said...

mu dkpe, genius..

Mukmin Mohd Khairi said...

all you guys, don't believe this guy..
he just sat besides me as the exam started and i saw him answered all of da question in highest state of confidence..

ihsan hamdan said...


anta memang ske kenakan ana..

x baik r..


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